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Receive Rs.1001 Cycle: An Innovative Program for Accessible Mobility

The Indian government launched just Get Rs.1001 Cycle program as a ground-breaking programme to give citizens of the nation access to cheap transport. For just Rs. 1001, consumers can acquire a brand-new cycle under this programme, making it a cost-effective and widely available method of transportation for millions of people.

People must submit an online application on the program’s official website in order to participate in the programme. With application approval, the buyer may purchase the cycle from any licenced retailer. The cycles are produced by a number of the nation’s top cycle manufacturers, ensuring that their quality and toughness are unaffected.

Information About Gujarat Labour cycle yojana

Gujarat Labour Welfare Fund Bicycle Program 2023

Intends to give registered labourers financial help of Rs. 1500 for the purchase of a bicycle. Gujarat Cycle Yojana Apply Online. The primary goal of Gujarat’s Cycle Yojana is to give unorganised sector workers financial support to improve their quality of life. Also, the labour department seeks to provide registered workers with the finest environment possible.

Circumstances of the Gujarat Labour Cycle Yojana

The Gujarat state government has a programme that offers all registered workers in the state Rs. 1500 towards the purchase of a bicycle so they can get to work without any hassles. The following are the requirements and terms for the Gujarat Labor Bicycle Program:-

  • The employee’s registration must include at least a year of continuous membership or subscription.
  • This facility is only accessible once every five years and a maximum of five times throughout their lifespan.
  • The worker will have to reveal the bicycle’s price, brand, manufacturer, and date of purchase.
  • Moreover, the applicant must reside in Gujarat.
Information About Gujarat Labour cycle yojana

Benefits from Gujarat Labour Welfare Fund

The State government oversaw the labour welfare activities prior to the establishment of The Bombay Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1953. But it became clear that the scope and range of the government’s direct initiatives for the cultural advancement of the working class must be constrained.

A financial or material aid for individuals in need is known as labour welfare. The Labour Welfare Fund Act includes a number of the services, advantages, and facilities that the employer provides to the employee. These services are provided through contributions from both the company and the employee.

In order to offer social security to unorganised labourers, the Ministry of Labor, government of India, administers the Labor Welfare Fund (LWF). It is a

ActThe Gujarat Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1953
RuleThe Labour Welfare Fund (Gujarat) Rules, 1962
ApplicabilityAny Employer/Establishment employing ten or more employees/persons
FrequencyHalf Yearly

Gujarat Labour Cycle Yojana Eligibility Criteria

In the Rs. 1001 Cycle programme, a public-private partnership concept, the government contributes up to 50% of the cost of the cycle as a subsidy, with the recipient responsible for the balance. The cycles are produced by a number of the nation’s top cycle manufacturers, ensuring that their quality and toughness are unaffected. The programme, which is open to all Indian citizens over the age of 18, aims to promote cycling as an environmentally beneficial and healthful means of transportation. The project gives economically disadvantaged groups in society, who frequently cannot afford the high expenses of transportation, access to inexpensive mobility. A further benefit of the plan is that it generates jobs in the cycle manufacturing industry.

Gujarat Labour Cycle Yojana Documents

People must submit a number of documentation in order to apply for the Rs. 1001 Cycle initiative, albeit these requirements may change depending on the state or location. Nonetheless, the following common documents are necessary for the scheme:

  • Aadhar Cards or any identity document accepted by the government.
  • Voter ID, a passport, a driver’s licence, or utility bills are examples of address verification.
  • Details about the bank account used to transfer subsidies.
  • a photo the size of a passport.
  • Income documentation or other proof of income is required to confirm eligibility.

According to the particular criteria of the state or region, applicants may additionally be asked to submit other documents. It is advised to consult the scheme’s official website or get in touch with the closest authorised dealer to find out the precise list of paperwork needed for the application procedure.

સરકારી યોજનાની નવી અપડેટ માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો
WhatsApp ગ્રુપમાં જોડાવાઅહીં ક્લિક કરો

Office Address:

Shramayogi Kalyan Bhavan Govt G Colony, water tank, Sukhramnagar, Ahmedabad-380021, Gujarat Cycle Yojana Contact Information

  • 079-22773303/04/06 Ahmedabad
  • Call Vadodara at 0265-2428382
  • Rajkot: 0281-2228076
  • Contact Information: 1800-233-1961

Who is applying for the Gujarat cycle yojana?

All Worker can apply for this scheme

Who is qualified for this programme?

Any registered Gujarati workers between the ages of 18 and 45 are eligible for the programme.

What does the cycle cost under this plan?

The eligible beneficiaries of the programme receive the cycle at no cost.

What is the subsidy provided under this scheme?

The subsidy provided under this scheme is 100% of the cost of the cycle.

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