Kuvarbai nu Mamera

કુંવરબાઈનું મામેરું યોજના 2023: દીકરીના લગ્ન સમયે સરકાર આપશે સહાય, જાણો સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી | Kuvarbai nu Mamera yojana 2023

Kuvarbai nu Mamera Yojana 2023: The government will provide assistance during daughter’s wedding, learn all the details about the scheme. Eligibility, benefits, and how to apply for the scheme explained.

In 2023 Gujarat government sent off the Kuvarbai Mameru Yojana for young ladies of explicit ranks in the state.

Kuvarbai Nu Mameru (Assisting the young ladies at marriage with timing) This plan was sent off by The Service of Ladies and Kid Improvement of Gujarat for young ladies of SEBC, Booked Standings, and Planned Clans.

With the sent-off plot Gujarat State Government and The Service of Ladies and Youngster Advancement permit advantages to young ladies of Gujarat state at the hour of their marriage.

This plan is extraordinarily sent off to give monetary assistance to the Gujarat government at the hour of union with each SEBC, ST, and SC young lady in the whole state.

This article will give you complete data about this plan. Step-by-step instructions to apply for this plan, advantages of the plan, application methodology, and other data..

Name of the schemeGujarat Kuvarbai nu Mameru Yojana 2023
Language of ArticleGujarati and English
Purpose of the scheme
In the state, needy daughters are given money after marriage .
BeneficiaryEligible Girls of Gujarat State
Application ModeOnline
Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana Amount -1
Rs 10,000 assistance to girls who are married before date-01/04/2021
Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana Amount -2
Rs 12,000 assistance to Gujarat girls who got married after 01/04/2021
Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana Website (Official)https://esamajkalyan.gujarat.gov.in/
How to apply online?Click Here

Gujarat Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana 2023

There are numerous government assistance plans running in the territory of Gujarat for the government assistance of the offspring of unfortunate families. Which incorporates Kunvarbai’s Mameru Yojana. The point of this marriage helping conspire is to monetarily help unfortunate families. Hitched little girls are paid help straightforwardly to their financial balance through DBT (Direct Advantage Move). Kunvarbai’s Mameru Yojana benefits SC-classification young ladies, OBC-classification girls, and little girls from financially more fragile families after marriage. In this plan, Rs 12000/ – per recipient little girl is stored.

Kuvarbai nu Mameru Yojana Structure In Gujarati PDF

This plan was sent off by the Gujarat State government with The Service of Ladies and Kid Advancement in the year 2023 for assisting young ladies of Gujarat with expressing. By this plan, every one of the booked clans, and booked stations young ladies will be benefited monetarily at the hour of their marriage. This plan is just for the young ladies of Gujrat. Just young ladies who are getting hitched just will have profited from this plan. This advantage will straightforwardly go to the candidate’s young lady, no other from the young lady’s family will have profited from this plan. Presently the SC/ST young ladies who are getting hitched can apply online to get the advantages of this plan anyplace from Gujarat state. Underneath we are giving classification-wise data about how to apply on the web, how to download the Kuvar bai Mameru Yojna application structure PDF and different rules.

Kunvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana in Gujarat Financial Plan 2023-24

Finance Clergyman introduced the Gujarat Financial Plan 2023-24 on 24 February 2023. FM said, “An arrangement of Rs. 54 crores to give help to the young ladies having a place with Planned Stations and Creating Ranks under Kunvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana”.

Kuvarbai nu camera Yojana agreements

Qualification for Kuvarbai nu Mameru plot has been chosen by the Public authority of Gujarat. Which are as per the following.

  • Be a local of the territory of Gujarat and meet the financially more fragile families.
  • The family will get the advantage of kuverbai nu Mamera yojana for the marriage of 2 (two) grown-up young ladies.
  • The recipient won’t get help under this plan if there should be an occurrence of remarriage.
  • The age of the lady at the hour of marriage ought to be 18 years and the age of the young fellow ought to be 21 years.
  • The kuvarbai nu Mameru structure must be applied web-based inside the time furthest reaches of 2 years of marriage.
  • Kuvarbai nu Mameru Yojana is qualified to help with the program of Saat Fera Samuhalgan.
  • If the recipient young lady partaking in the general public and other local area relationships satisfies every one of the states of “Saat Fera Samuhalgan Yojana as well as Kuwarbai Nu Mameru Yojana”, she will be qualified to profit benefits under these two plans.


  • This plan is sent off by Gujarat Government to assist minorities of Gujarat with expressing themselves.
  • This plan will help every one of the groups of booked clans and planned standings in the state at the hour of the marriage of their girl.
  • The monetary assistance with willingness is given straightforwardly to the recipient’s ledgers.
  • This plan is the first of this sort in Gujarat state to help the young lady kid at the hour of her marriage.

Kanwar Bai Nu Mameru Yojna Archive Rundown

  • Here we provide you with the rundown of the archive which you need to submit with the application structure. These archives ought to be for the sake of the candidate.
  • Any character confirmation like Aadhar Card, Elector ID card.
  • Any obstruction verification.
  • Standing endorsement of the candidate.
  • Family pay testament.
  • Photo of the candidate.
  • Bank passbook of the candidate.
  • Marriage Greeting Card.
  • Age evidence of the young ladies.

Benifits of Kuvarbai nu Mameru yojana

🔸️Yearly pay limit for Rustic Regions – 1,20,000/ –

🔸️Revoke pay limit for Metropolitan Regions – 1,50,000/ –

New GR for Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana |  kuvarbai mameru yojana gujarat form download |  kuvarbai mameru document

Parenthood of virgins is the principal objective of the plan

At the point when a little girl gets hitched in a monetarily more vulnerable segment group of the express, the advantage of Kunvarbai’s Mameru Yojana is given as a component of the monetary help. This plan has been carried out determined to support the introduction of a girl and halting kid marriage in the general public.

RULES OF Protection Strategy

  • Qualification of Kunvarbai for Mameru Yojana is still up in the air by the Public authority of Gujarat. Which are as per the following.
  • Qualified for families beginning from Gujarat state and financially more vulnerable.
  • Kuverbai nu mameru yojana will profit from the marriage of 2 (two) grown-up young ladies in the family.
  • In the event of remarriage of the recipient, help won’t be accessible under this plan.
  • At the hour of marriage, the age of the lady ought to be 18 years and the age of the young ought to be 21 years.
  • Kuvarbai nu mameru structure must be applied internet based in somewhere around 2 years of marriage.
  • In the projects coordinated under the Seven Stage Gathering, the help of the plan will be accessible to the virgins.
  • Recipient ladies partaking in the local area and other gathering relationships will be qualified for benefits under both plans if they satisfy every one of the states of “Sat Fera Gathering Marriage Plan and Kunvarbai No Mameru Yojana”.

How to Apply Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana On the web?

The office of online entryway has been set up so poor people and monetarily frail families in the remote pieces of the state don’t need to much of the time go to the public authority office. samaj kalyan entryway has been made to help the residents of the Kunvarbai conspire. An online application must be finished from this gateway.

Caste NameDownload Links
Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana Form Pdf (OBC-EBC)  Download Now
Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana Form Pdf (SC)  Download Now

How about we get bit-by-bit data on the most proficient method to do E Samaj Kalyan Gujarat Enlistment?

  • First, go to research Search and type ‘e samaj kalyan portal’.You need to tap on the authority site https://esamajkalyan.gujarat.gov.in/in Google Output.
  • On the off chance that you have not enrolled before on the e Samaj Kalyan gateway, click on “New Client? “If it’s not too much trouble, Register Here” and the course of enlistment must be finished.
  • After your fruitful enrollment, the recipient needs to open his page by tapping on “Resident Login” in the e Samaj Kalyan gateway.
  • Picture of Government Official Gateway (e-Samaj Kalyan Entry)
  • As per the standing enrolled by the recipient, the plans will show e samaj kalyan.gujarat.gov.in login.
  • You need to tap on Kuvarbai Nu Mameru Yojana 2023.
  • Kunvarbai’s Mameru Yojana must be filled out online according to the data mentioned by going to the web-based structure.
  • The internet-based structure must be submitted after filling in all the data.
  • An application number will be created after the recipient presents the internet-based application. Which must be protected.
  • Given the web-based application, you need to go to Transfer Archive and transfer the first report.
  • Affirm application must be finished after transferring all the data and unique archives.
  • At long last, after the application is affirmed, a printout of the application must be taken.

What is as far as possible to profit Kunwar Bai Nu Mameru Yojana?

A yearly pay limit has been fixed in Kunvarbai Yojana. Which is fixed at 120,000/ – in rustic regions and 1,50,000/ – in metropolitan regions. Assuming the lady of the hour’s dad has as far as possible as indicated by this, he can get the advantage of this plan.

How to apply the advantage of Kumbarbai?

Kuvarbai Nu Mameru YojanaYou needs to apply on the web. Young ladies can apply online from the e samaj kalyan gateway.

How to download Kuverbai nu Mameru Yojana PDF Structure?

You can download Kuverbai nu mameru structure pdf Snap Here

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