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Swasthya Sudha (Wellbeing and Otherworldliness) Book PDF | Swasthya Sudha Book pdf Download

Swasthya Sudha Book 2023 | Download | Ayurvedic digital book: As per the changing way of life of today, many inquiries have emerged against our wellbeing today. Stressing over well-being at such times is regular. Today we are completely acclimated to allopathic prescriptions. Assuming there is nobody to fix similar symptoms of these prescriptions, then Ayurveda will be Ayurveda. Throughout the present life, our way of life has made our considerations about our well-being. This book, this book has discussed 500 wellbeing-related actual well-being and prosperity in well-being.

In this book, this book has discussed 500 wellbeing-related actual well-being and prosperity in well-being. Master Specialist’s Insight and Direction Ayurveda Agarwal disapprove of the book. As a rule, we are dealing with an infirmity body. In the present quickest time, if we can get cautioned before the illness, we ought to be safeguarded from sickness. Assuming we will be, we can not accomplish something useful in any field. This book will end up being extremely helpful to everybody.

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🌱 545 pages of data made by top specialists and Ayurveda specialists on beneath referenced sicknesses and their home cures which you won’t find elsewhere.
● Obstruction
● Respiratory illness
● Coronary illness
● Pediatrics
● Skin infections
● Skin inflammation
● A sleeping disorder
● Outshining hack
● Diabetes
● Stomach hurt
● Dermatitis
● Ear Nose Throat
● Cerebral pain
● Hemorrhoids
● Hiccups
● A sleeping disorder
● Urinary sicknesses
● Eye torment
● Toothache
● Cold
● Fever
● Sniffing
● Balding

These 11 homemade Cures are exceptionally helpful

1.Severe migraine

Strip an apple and mesh it. Blend a little salt in it and eat it while starving in the first part of the day. Fart – Blend 1/4 teaspoon of baking soft drink in water and drink Sore throat – Bubble 2-3 basil leaves in water and flush with that water. Mouth Ulcers – A combination of ready banana and honey gives quick help. It can likewise be made into the glue and applied to the mouth

2.High BP

Take 3 grams of fenugreek seed powder with water morning and night. There are advantages to taking this for fifteen days. This is additionally valuable in diabetes.

3.Hair Brightening

Slice dry amla down the middle, bubble it in coconut oil and afterward knead it into the hair.

4.Dark Circles

Blend squeezed orange in with glycerin and apply under the eyes.


a portion of a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a teaspoon of honey Blend and eat around evening time before heading to sleep.

Dandruff Apply camphor and coconut oil. It can likewise be applied consistently before bed

  • Applying coconut milk to the hair follicles lessens going bald. Applying aloe vera gel to the hair follicles likewise lessens balding.
  • Ginger juice and lemon juice in the perfect sum are advantageous for migraines. Heat the basil leaves in water and drink it when it gets somewhat hot. The cerebral pain will be feeling better right away.
  • On the off chance that you have pimples all over, apply a little lemon juice on the pimple region around evening time while dozing. Skin break out will remain till morning.
  • If there is an issue of corrosiveness or irritation in the stomach, taking virus milk gives quick help. This is because milk contains calcium which forestalls the development of corrosive.
  • One drop of mint leaf juice in the nose for cold and the hack is useful. Blending dark pepper, mint, and salt and biting it together gives fast alleviation in cold.

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