Mafat Plot Yojana 2023 Gujarat: Apply On the web

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All relevant information about 100 sq. What is the free plot plan? Execution of new arrangement for the reconstruction of the plan to give a free plot of 100 sq. ft private lodging plot or houseless housing in 2023 in rustic regions 100 Sq. What Free Plot Plan for Country Regions Plans for, or BPL The plot to give 100 square foot free plots to town workers and provincial craftsmen enlisted in the army has not been executed. Under this plan, 16–117,030 recipients have been distributed free plots to support all recipient plots given to recipients 0–16 and 17–20 in free plot conspire.

100 Sq Whar Free Plot Plan: General Visit Talk Parlor Subsequently, plots have had the option to be made effectively accessible to individuals in rustic regions because of the changes expected by the state legislatures to work on the current arrangements because of their presentation in the public authority plans through plots. or then again homegrown destitute recipients of Govt. Another strategy has been carried out since the goal

Qualified for lodging help, under the Middle’s lodging plan. Probably lived in the town for no less than one year. In this specific case, recipients with qualification conditions are not permitted to hinder the 100 square meter limit and the breaking point for private land obtaining is 10 lakhs for each Gram Panchayat. This breaking point has been taken out. Consumption is separated from this.

Details Below Mafat Plot Yojana Gujarat

Scheme NameFree Plot Yojana Gujarat – 100 Choras Var Mafat Plot Yojana Gujarat
ImplementationGovernment of Gujarat
The ObjectivesProviding Plots To Landless Laborers Free Of Cost
BeneficiaryIt Is Used By The Laborers Of Rural Areas Who Do Not Have Plots.
Type Of ApplicationOffline
Benefit100 Chorus War Plot For Free
Official Website

Gujarat Mafat Plot Yojana

Gujarat government sets conspiracies free from time to time which you can likewise see free plot conspire. 100 square meter free plot conspire for landless agrarian workers and provincial craftsman living beneath neediness line in country regions has been running beginning around 1972 by Gujarat State Government.

The Gujarat free plot conspire, offering 100 square meters for nothing to workers and the poor of the province of Gujarat, started in 2022. Plan to give 100 free plots of land to provincial craftsmen, rural workers, and financially distraught inhabitants of different state towns. Free 100 square feet plot plan from the Panchayat Division: to upgrade the program of giving 100 square feet of private land or a houseless house in rustic regions, another strategy was executed in 2022.

Execution of another application for the correction of the plan to give individuals without homes in town regions with free or 100-square-foot plots of land ( or on the other hand BPL. The arrangement to give free plots of 100 square feet to enlisted provincial craftsmen and workers in the town has not been carried out. To support all recipients in the free plot conspire, 16-117,030 free plots have been given to recipients ages 0 to 16 and 17 to 20.


Highlights of My Plot Application:-

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  • With the assistance of the My Plot application, you can likewise see the accessible Areas of Bahria Town Karachi and DHA Lahore accessible Roads/streets in Regions and can see the accessible Plots in Roads/Streets.
  • Auto-update will be accessible if there should arise an occurrence of any progressions in the guide or Send off of new Areas.
  • In My Plot Application, we referenced all misprinted figures of the guide individually.
  • Take a screen capture/Screen Recording of your ideal area and offer it to your clients.
  • My Plot Application was accessible on Play Store with the name “My Plot”.
  • Take a look at every one of the Undertakings of Bahria Town Karachi, Bahria Town Lahore, Bahria Town Rawalpindi and DHA Lahore Portion Plan, Initial investment, Move Expense, NDS Structure, and Authority Letter and other significant subtleties.

Who can profit from this plan and its primary goal:

Who doesn’t have a plot?

  • The candidate shouldn’t possess any sort of land. This will incorporate your home.
  • A craftsman or worker from the provincial region is expected to apply.
  • The recipient ought to be a grown-up. That is, the candidate ought not to be minor.
  • The individuals who come from provincial regions with financial and standing based enumeration 2011 qualified family or state or focus are qualified for government lodging help.
  • who should be grown-ups?
  • There ought to be no plot or house for the sake of spouse or wife anyplace in the state.
  • who probably lived in the town for something like one year.
  • In whose name ought not to be the farming area or in joint name and father’s name and on account of candidate in that land, it ought not to be the greater part a hectare in the event of watered land and if there should be an occurrence of non-flooded land it ought not to be more than one hectare.

Plans for living in rustic regions, or plotting to give 100 sq. Free plots to town workers and rustic specialists enlisted in BPL, were not executed. Under this plan, 16-117,030 recipients have been dispensed free plots to support all recipient plots given to the recipients of 0 to 16 and 17 to 20 in the free plot conspire.

Imperative that because of certain arrangements under the plan, the plot or locally established penniless recipients couldn’t get the advantage because of the plots in the country region. As the State leader is a recipient of the lodging plan, because of the absence of responsibility for the plot or because there was no name on the rundown in the BPL, the plot couldn’t be designated and couldn’t help the Head of the state’s Awas Yojana.

Free Plot Plan [100 Sq.War] Gujarat

A state government plan of free house plots for landless farming workers and rustic craftsmen residing beneath the neediness line in the country Gujarat has been in activity starting around 1972.


100 Choras Var Mafat Plot Yojna Gujarat 2021 has been begun by the province of Gujarat for the workers and needy individuals of Gujarat. These destitute individuals of Gujarat state, who are workers, are showing their family’s jobs to fill in as wages, however, they don’t have a house to reside in, nor do they have the plot to construct a house. It will be given a plot of 100 square meters liberated from cost by the Gujarat government to the destitute individuals of rustic regions to fabricate houses in their region.

Rundown of reports

  • Aadhaar Card of the candidate
  • Yearly pay authentication of the candidate
  • Candidate shouldn’t claim any sort of land. This will incorporate your home.
  • The candidate ought to be a provincial craftsman or worker.
  • The recipient ought to be a grown-up. That is, the candidate ought not to be minor.
  • The candidate ought to be remembered for the BPL list.
  • Yearly pay testament must be given by Mamlatdar or Taluka Advancement Official.
  • Candidate shouldn’t claim any sort of land. This will incorporate your home.

Who will profit from the free plot conspire?

Needy individuals in country regions

What is the reason for a free plot plan?

To fabricate houses for the landless agrarian workers and town craftsmen residing beneath the destitution line in the rustic areas of Gujarat.

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