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Find Out Which Government Schemes Under You Have Received Assistance

Find Out Which Government Schemes Under You Have Received Assistance: Check this by mobile – whether the money from Ujjwala, Jan Dhan or Kisan Yojana has come in the account or not: Hello friends, as you may be aware that the government has declared a 21-day lockdown. In such a situation, the government is giving financial assistance to the poor and working classes of the country. That is, sending money to people’s bank account under various schemes.

The government s providing financial assistance under various schemes to get the poor out of the problems of friend lockdown. The schemes under which money has been sent to people recently, let’s know a little about them.

Find Out Which Government Schemes

  • Under the PM Kisan Yojana, a cash installment of Rs 2000 has been sent to the accounts of the beneficiary farmers recently.
  • Under the Kisan Yojana, farmers are given 6 thousand rupees annually in the form of installments of 2-2 thousand rupees.
  • Apart from this, it has been announced to send an installment of 500-500 rupees for 3 months to the beneficiaries covered under Jan Dhan Yojana.
  • In such a situation, under the Jan Dhan Yojana, the first installment of Rs 500 has been sent to the female account holders.
  • People involved under the PM Ujjwala scheme were said to provide 3 LPG gas cylinders for free for 3 months.
  • Under which the Subsidy of the first month has been sent to the accounts of the beneficiaries.
Name of the schemeBenefit received
Pradhan Mantri Kisan
Maan-Dhan Yojana
Farmers get Rs. 3000/-
pension is admissible
E-Labor CardThe benefits of e-labor are many.
Atal Pension SchemeCitizens
are given a pension of Rs 1000 to 5000.
PM Kisan eKYC
2023 Online

e-KYC is required in PM Kisan Samman Nidhi .
Pradhan Mantri Kisan
Samman Nidhi Yojana
are given Rs.2000/- every three months.
UID Never Enable For DBT In PM Kisan YojanaIf PM Kisan Yojana assistance of Rs.2000/- has not been deposited, remove this error.
Account Detail Is Under Revalidation ProcessAccount Detail Is Under Revalidation Process With Bank In Pm Kisan Yojana 

How to Find Out Under Which Government Schemes You Have Received Assistance

Friends, to know whether money has come in your account under these schemes, you have to follow the instructions given below. 

Step 1: For this, first you go to PFMS Official Website

Step 2: After clicking on the link, an official portal PFMS (Public Financial Management System) will open in front of you.

Step 3: After this, you have to click on the option of Know you r payments [Direct Link] in the menu bar.

Step 4: Now a new page will open where you will get 3 options – Bank Name, Account Number and Captcha Code.

Step 5: The first thing to do here is to fill in the name of your bank.

Step 6: After this, the account number of the bank is also to be recorded.

Step 7: In the last, you have to fill the given captcha code and click on the search button.

After clicking on the button of Friends, the entire record will be opened in front of you. In this, you will know whether money has come in your account or not. And if money has been added to your account, then you will also get information about under which scheme money has been sent to your account.

Women And Child Development Schemes

Many women-oriented schemes are run by the state governments and the central government in the country. For women , Department of Women and Child Development, Government of India and Department of Women and Child Development of Gujarat work jointly. In order for women to lead a dignified life in the society, widow assistance scheme, elderly assistance scheme etc. are run. To promote the birth of daughters, the Vali Dhotti Yojana, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, Dhotti Janam Yojana and Ladki Dotti Yojana are being run.

Various government schemes and organizations are working for the protection of women. Like Sakhi One Stop Centre, PBSC Centre, Multipurpose Women Welfare Centre, Anganwadi Centre, Asha Worker Center etc. Apart from this, Mahila Swavalamban Yojana, Ghardivada Yojana, Sewing Machine Yojana and Saraswati Sadhana Cycle Yojana are also being run with the aim of enabling women to get self-employment. Sarkari Yojana Gujarat website provides detailed information about some of the schemes. Which are as follows.

Name of the schemeBenefit received
Ganga Swarup
Economic Assistance
1250 rupees per month pension
Dear daughter

1,10,000/- to the daughter in three installments
Mahila Self Reliance

Loan Assistance Scheme for Self Employed
Widow Remarriage
Assistance to widowed beneficiary remarried
181 Women’s

24*7 call service for security
Sakhi One Stop
Center Scheme
A safe space
for women victims of any violence

Find Out Which Government Schemes Under You Have Received Assistance

In this way, you can easily check the details of money or subsidy being sent to your account under any government scheme. So let’s hope that today’s information will be useful for you. If the information is liked, then please tell us in the comment below. Thank you.


How much benefit is available under Widow Assistance Scheme?

Under Vidhva Sahay Yojana widow beneficiaries get a benefit of Rs.1250/- per month.

What benefits does a bride get in Kunvarbai’s Mameru Yojana?

A bride getting married under this scheme of social welfare gets assistance up to Rs.12,000.

How much insurance cover is available in Farmer Accident Insurance Scheme?

Under this scheme, farmers get an insurance cover of up to Rs 2.00 lakh.

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