JIO: Two numbers will work in one recharge, along with data, calling and Netflix, Amazon Prime for free

The number of Jio users is increasing continuously. There are many reasons behind it. More benefits at a lower cost. Today we are telling you about one such offer. You don’t need to recharge it and you get many benefits like unlimited calling and data. If you are also thinking about this plan then let us give you detailed information about it.

The OTT subscription will include additional benefits of Jio Prime too. These OTT subscription offers are available on the Jio Postpaid plans which are Jio Rs 399, Jio Rs 599, Jio Rs 799, Jio Rs 999, and Jio Rs 1499. All these postpaid recharge plans provide unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS/day.

The Jio Rs 399 postpaid plan provides a total of 75 GB of data, with thereafter charges of Rs 10/GB. OTT benefits of the plan are Netflix (Mobile plan) and Amazon Prime subscription. Besides, there are additional benefits of JioTV and JioCloud.

Jio’s costliest postpaid recharge plan is Jio Rs 1,499 which provides users with a total of 300 GB of data and the OTT benefits include a free subscription to Netflix and Amazon Prime. In addition, this plan provides international roaming offers in selected cities too.

Jio 599 Postpaid Plan-

Jio 399 Postpaid Plan is the cheapest, but you can avail of these features in Jio 599 Postpaid Plan. In fact, in Jio 599 Postpaid Plan, an additional number offer is being given along with one number. That means you don’t need to pay anything for another SIM. In it, you will get free unlimited calling and data. Also, 100 SMS are being provided daily. This plan is also offered with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and OTT Subscriptions.

Jio 799 Postpaid Plan-

Jio 799 Postpaid Plan can also be the best option for you. In this plan, you are given 2 additional SIM cards. That means you will get the benefit of free data and calling in two cards. Along with 100 SMS per day and a total of 150 GB data is provided.

Jio 999 Postpaid Plan-

Jio 999 Postpaid Plan offers you many features. It gets 3 additional SIM cards. You are also provided with unlimited calling facility on these numbers. Apart from this, a total of 200GB of data is provided. This plan gives you an OTT subscription to Netflix and Amazon Prime. That means many features are available in one plan. If you are looking for a plan with more benefits then this deal is best for you.

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