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Here’s the list of free services you can avail at any petrol pump across India

We may not think of a petrol pump during a roadside emergency, because we mostly go there only when our vehicles indicate an empty tank and leave right after.

But did you know that you can avail of these six services at any petrol pump, all free of charge?

1.Quality and quantity check

This is for those who are skeptical about the quality of fuel they are getting. You can ask for a filter paper test for petrol or diesel at any station, and it will be done without any charge. Also, if you are worried that you are being cheated by the quantity of fuel, you can ask for a quantity check too.

The authorities can neither deny you these services nor charge for them.

2.First Aid Kit

Road accidents can occur anywhere—in the heart of a city or on a highway. If you happen to witness a road accident but are unsure about how to help the victim without any first aid kit, rush to your nearest petrol pump and ask for one. Petrol pumps require to have updated, full first aid kits which can help you tend to an accident victim.

3.Emergency call

On the same note, you can even go to a pump station to make an emergency phone call. Whether you need to call the kin of an accident victim or call your friend for some help, petrol pumps will grant you a free phone call. So the next time you are stranded on the road with no phone battery, and in need of some urgent help, you know exactly where to go.


Sometimes, we do need to use a washroom while traveling on transport, and the situation becomes especially difficult for women. If we can’t find a public toilet, then things can become very uncomfortable. In such cases, if you happen to see any petrol pump nearby, just go there without a second thought. Every petrol pump must have a clean and hygienic toilet for the common people to use. Do note that you don’t have to be a customer to use this facility.

5.Drinking water

Every petrol pump station must provide clean drinking water for free. You can either have a drink right there or fill your bottles with water. For this, the pump owner must install RO water purifiers at the station. Some petrol pumps also maintain refrigerators which can help you on a hot and humid day to quench your thirst with chilled drinking water.

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