Rani ki Vav

Rani ki Vav Heritage Video 360 View 3D Amazing view of Rani ki Vav

Rani ki Vav Heritage Video 360 View 3D Virtual Tours :-

Rani ki Vav is a Popular Indian Heritage Every year lots of people have visited this place from all over the world. This is one of the best tourist places in Gujarat. If you never visited Ran ki Vav then we have virtual tour videos for you. Let’s watch it and get the best experience of VR photography and video. 

Rani ki Vav Heritage Video 360 View 3D

This Ranki Vav 360 3D video was published by the Gujarat Tourism department. This is a basic overview and virtual tour video of Queen’s Stepwell Gujarat where you get the ultimate experience and unlimited zooming. Enjoy the new experience of virtual tours of historical places.

Ranki Vav 360 3D video

Virtual Tour possible with technology. Using the best 360 Camera and photography Ranki Vav Queen’s Stepwell Virtual tours videos are made. You can watch it and feel like really visiting this place. Many Indian Heritage Virtual Tour videos are available on the internet so you can easily watch them. Minaxi Temple 3d video, INS Vikramaditya Tour, and Girnar Ropeway Drone shoot are popular.

Rani ki Vav Queen’s Stepwell Full Video 360° immersive view 3D mode

3D Virtual Tours are popular people like to watch and it gives a new experience. So users are preferred 360 videos more than normal videos. Let’s Enjoy Rani ki Vav Queen’s Stepwel Full Video 360° immersive view 3D mode and feel Virtual tours online. From Given Link, you can feel the VR Tour of Ranki Vav in Full HD. 360° Degree Awesome Video of Rani Vav.

It will feel like a face-to-face visit at home. The video can be shown to your children. We hope you are enjoying these Rani ki Vav VR Videos. Must share with all friends because it’s our historical place and it helps a lot to attract tourists in India.

Watch Rani Ki Vav 360 Video

It will feel like a face-to-face visit at home. The video can be shown to your children. We Hope you are enjoying These Rani ki Vav VR Videos. Must share with all friends because it’s our Historical Place and it’s help lot to attract Tourists in India.

Architecture of Rani Ki Vav

The architectural grandeur and remarkable design of this Vav have often been placed next to the sun temple at Modhera and the Vimala Vashi temple in Mount Abu. It has been classified under the Nanda style of design and consists of several varying levels. The 4th level present here is the deepest one and also consists of a massive rectangular tank. Over all the structure is divided into seven levels along with sets of stairs that lead down to the circular well. Every feature of the Vav including the pillars, brackets, columns etc are finely carved out and elaborately ornamented. Speaking about sculptures, there are over 500 of them and more than 1000 small sculptures within the stepwell which hold religious, mythological and importance of some literary work. The Vishnu sculptures outnumber every other one here and if one can see over all, the ornamentation is done the way that it represents the whole universe through images of animals, fishes, plants, trees, birds etc. not just this the sculptures here also showcase everyday women going about with their daily activities which gives us a lot of insight about how everyday lifestyle used to go on during that era.

Interesting Facts About Rani Ki Vav

According to some experts, Rani Ki Vav is built in the form of an upside down temple consisting of 7 levels going down and converging at the well
and the mythological imageries of various gods and goddesses also makes it look like that. Just like almost every other historical structure, Rani Ki Vav also has its secrets. There is a gate present underneath the last step leading down to the well which leads into a 30 metre tunnel which straight away opens up to the town is Sidhpur which is very close to Patan. It is said that around more than 50 years ago, way before it got silted over, the stepwell contained a number of medicinal plants because of which the water here was believed to cure a number of skin related diseases among other fever and ailments.

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