Gujarati Samaj List 2023: ક્યાય ફરવા જવાના હોય તો ગુજરાતી સમાજનુ લીસ્ટ સેવ કરી લો, વાજબી ભાવે રહેવા જમવાની સુવિધા

Gujarati Samaj List 2023: Gujarati Samaj List: People go out on summer holidays and vacations. In tourist places, bookings in good hotels are either not available or very expensive and one has to pay a high lack of room rent. Here is the list of Gujarati Samaj List 2023 all over India. Where ever you go for a walk, you get the facility of staying and eating at a very reasonable price.

Gujarati Samaj List 2023

But when we travel abroad to other states, the biggest problem we face is accommodation and especially food, because staying and eating in foreign tourist places is very expensive and even if we pay a lot of money, we don’t get good accommodation.

Even when we have gone on a trip to other states, we have a great desire to have our Gujarati food. You will find many restaurants in other states where you can get Gujarati food but you don’t get our taste, that’s why our Gujarati people have created All India Gujarati Samaj (All India Gujarati Samaj) in India where you can enjoy good Gujarati food and stay together. But the facility will be available at a very reasonable price.

  • Gujarati Samaj Haridwar
  • Gujarati Samaj Mumbai
  • Gujarati Samaj Delhi
  • Gujarati Samaj Pune

Gujarati Society List

All India Gujarati Samaj List PDF (List of Gujarati Samaj)
It is said that “wherever there is a Gujarati, there is Gujarat forever” Our Gujarati people have built Gujarati Samaj in different places all over India (All India Gujarati Samaj). have done Where Gujarati people can live well and eat well. And that too at a very reasonable price.

This Gujarati community is located in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Ooty, Kerala, Pune, etc. cities in India. You can book at home by calling online and offline.

Below is the pdf of the phone number and address of the Gujarati Society in India, you can get the list and phone numbers of the Gujarati Society of all India by downloading.

Gujarati Samaj List Mobile App

This Gujarati Samaj Yadi app is to get details of Gujarati Samaj in India.

The Gujarati Samaj Yadi application provides Gujarati people with Gujarati Samaj accommodation and dining facilities in various states of India at reasonable prices.

Generally, businessmen and tourists move across India to different states. This app will help them to find Gujarati communities in different states of Gujarat.

The following are the features included in Gujarati Samaj List Mobile App:

  • In this app, you get a complete list of Gujarati Samaj of all states at the beginning.
  • You can see the list by selecting state-wise in the search from the society menu.
  • You can bookmark or like a commonly visited community through the like hand and it will display in the list of favorite communities.

Society details include society name and city, address, phone number, contact person, etc…

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