Special Offer: આ ગામમા રહેવા માટે સરકાર આપે છે ઘર અને 50 લાખ રુપીયા, જાણો ઓફર

Special Offer: Albinen-Switzerland: People living in small and big cities and especially industrial cities dream of owning a magnificent home. However, most people buy flats according to their salary and savings. Now if we tell you that if you go to live in a village in a hilly area, the government will give you a luxurious house and also give you 50 lakh rupees, how will this offer feel? Yes, the government of Switzerland is offering something similar. But for that, some conditions have to be followed.

Special Offer

Now you will ask where this village is located. The government itself gives people 50 lakh rupees and a nice house to live in. It is natural to ask this question in your mind why the government is giving such an offer? We will get answers to all such questions. The village is situated at an altitude of about 4265 feet above sea level. Nestled amidst the snow-capped mountains, this village will mesmerize you. Its surroundings are absolutely beautiful and captivating. People should live here if they are fed up with the hustle and bustle of the city and pollution.

Why is the government giving such an offer?

The village that the government is offering to live in is Albinen, a village in Switzerland. Most of the time when we visit a hill town, we don’t want to come back because of the open air and great atmosphere. On the contrary, in the village of Albinen, nestled among the magnificent hills, people are unable to stay and are slowly fleeing. And the population of this city is decreasing. According to a Daily Mail report, the population of this village is steadily decreasing. By the end of the year 2020, the total population of this village had increased by only 243 people. The Swiss government has made a special offer to stop the migration and to stop the economy of this village from being settled here. This village is located on the border of France and Italy.

If the conditions are not followed, the offer amount will have to be returned

According to the Swiss government scheme, if you have four members in your family, each minor member gets about 22,500 pounds or more than 22 lakh rupees, and each child about 9000 pounds or more than 8 lakh rupees. The condition of the government is that the age of the offeree should not be more than 45 years for living in this village. Also, he must be a citizen of Switzerland with a sea permit. If any citizen wants to take this offer, he has to live in this village for at least 10 years. If they want to leave this village first, then you have to give back the full amount received under the offer.

Why are people fleeing?

The job options in this village Albinane are continuously decreasing. The number of people living here has reduced so much that all the schools here have been closed. Of the 240 survivors, only 7 are children. Here, children have to take a bus every day to go to the nearby village to study. Most of the houses here are found empty. The government is offering the people there to live in these vacant houses. Not only this, the government is providing a lot of assistance to people who want to buy land and build a house here. Five years ago, the youth of this village also made a petition. It asked for cash to encourage people to stay here after the local elections.

Where is Albinane Village located?


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