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West Coast University is an accredited educational institution offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in healthcare. With programs in nursing, pharmacy, and health sciences, students have the opportunity to pursue degrees and certifications in various healthcare fields. The university provides flexible online courses and on-campus options to cater to different learning needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • West Coast University offers accredited undergraduate and graduate programs in healthcare.
  • The university provides flexible online courses and on-campus options.
  • Students can pursue degrees in nursing, pharmacy, and health sciences.
  • West Coast University prioritizes student success and caters to diverse learning needs.
  • The university is an ideal choice for those seeking a career in the healthcare industry.

About West Coast University

At West Coast University, we are dedicated to providing a student-centric learning experience that prioritizes the success of our students. Our commitment to integrity and personal accountability forms the foundation of our educational approach, empowering our students to achieve professional success in a dynamic and ever-changing world.

By collaborating with our esteemed faculty and industry professionals, we design market-responsive programs that equip students with the necessary competencies and confidence to thrive in their chosen fields. Our goal is to ensure that our graduates are well-prepared to meet the demands of the healthcare industry, making a positive impact on patient care and outcomes.

Through our student-centric learning approach, we create a supportive and engaging environment where students can grow academically, personally, and professionally. Our comprehensive programs are designed to foster critical thinking, enhance communication skills, and instill a sense of ethics and personal accountability.

At West Coast University, we are committed to the success of our students, both during their time with us and beyond graduation. We believe that education should be transformative, empowering students to achieve their full potential and make meaningful contributions to their communities. Join us in building a brighter future in healthcare.

University Values at West Coast University

University Values at West Coast University

At West Coast University, our core values revolve around student centricity, nurturing an environment where students are at the center of our mission. We believe in the transformative power of education and strive to create a culture of continuous learning and growth. Our values of teamwork and collegiality emphasize the importance of collaboration and support, fostering an inclusive and dynamic community.

We prioritize transparency in our decision-making processes, ensuring that all stakeholders have visibility into our actions and plans. Through a consensus-driven approach, we strive to achieve the best outcomes by involving diverse perspectives and creating a sense of ownership among our faculty, staff, and students.

“Education is the key to unlocking potential and achieving personal and professional success.”

At West Coast University, our commitment to student centricity, continuous learning, teamwork, collegiality, transparency, and consensus-driven decision-making sets us apart. We believe in providing an education that empowers students to become lifelong learners and successful professionals in the healthcare industry.


University Values at West Coast University
Student Centricity
Learn and Grow
Consensus-Driven Decision-Making

University Objectives at West Coast University

University Objectives at West Coast University

At West Coast University, our primary objective is to provide comprehensive degree programs that prepare students for professional success in the field of healthcare. We strive to create a caring and supportive environment that fosters personal and academic growth, ensuring our students are well-prepared for employment in their chosen professions.

To achieve these goals, we offer a wide range of academic and support services that enhance student success. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing quality curricula, state-of-the-art facilities, and up-to-date equipment to ensure our students receive a top-notch education.

“We believe that a combination of academic excellence, a caring environment, and innovative educational delivery methods is the key to meeting the ever-evolving employment needs of the healthcare industry.”

With a focus on program outcomes, we continually evaluate and improve our degree programs to align with the changing demands of the healthcare field. Our graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their chosen professions.

Preparing Students for Employment

Preparing our students for successful careers is at the core of our mission. We offer career counseling, internship opportunities, and professional development resources to help them navigate the job market with confidence. Our industry partnerships ensure that our programs are designed to meet the current and future employment needs of related professions.

Degree Programs Academic and Support Services
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Health Sciences
  • Career Counseling
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Professional Development Resources
  • Flexible Online Courses
  • On-campus Options
  • Tutoring Services
  • Library Resources
  • Technology Support

Institutional Learning Outcomes at West Coast University

West Coast University Institutional Learning Outcomes

West Coast University is committed to preparing students for successful careers in healthcare by fostering the development of essential skills and competencies. The university has established institutional learning outcomes that encompass critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, communication skills, digital and information literacy, diversity and inclusion, ethics, and collaboration and teamwork.

These learning outcomes serve as a guide for the curriculum and instructional practices, ensuring that students graduate with the necessary knowledge and abilities to excel in their chosen healthcare professions.

Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning

At West Coast University, critical thinking is nurtured through a variety of academic experiences that require students to analyze complex problems and formulate evidence-based solutions. Quantitative reasoning skills are also emphasized, enabling students to interpret and communicate data effectively to inform decision-making processes.

Communication Skills and Digital Literacy

Effective communication is crucial in the healthcare field, and West Coast University recognizes the significance of developing strong communication skills in its students. Throughout their education, students engage in coursework and practical experiences that promote clear and concise communication with patients, colleagues, and other healthcare professionals. Additionally, digital literacy is integrated into the curriculum, ensuring students are adept at utilizing technology and navigating digital platforms relevant to their field.

Diversity and Inclusion, and Ethics

West Coast University values diversity and inclusion, fostering a learning environment where students from diverse backgrounds feel welcomed and respected. Students are encouraged to embrace cultural sensitivity and develop an understanding of the importance of equity and inclusivity in healthcare. Ethics is another essential component of the curriculum, emphasizing the ethical responsibilities and considerations that healthcare professionals must navigate in their practice.

Collaboration and Teamwork

In the healthcare field, collaboration and teamwork are integral to delivering high-quality patient care. West Coast University recognizes the significance of cultivating collaboration and teamwork skills in its students. Through various learning opportunities, students engage in interprofessional collaboration, promoting effective communication, shared decision-making, and the ability to work cohesively as part of a healthcare team.

This comprehensive approach to institutional learning outcomes at West Coast University ensures that students graduate with a well-rounded skill set that prepares them for success in their future healthcare careers.

Profile of a Graduate from West Coast University

Profile of a Graduate from West Coast University

At West Coast University, we strive to cultivate graduates who possess a diverse skill set and embody the core values necessary for success in the healthcare industry. Our graduates exemplify professionalism, adaptability, interprofessionalism, global awareness, clinical application, diversity and cultural sensitivity, service orientation, leadership skills, interpersonal communication skills, and critical thinking skills. These qualities are integral to their ability to make a meaningful impact in their respective fields.

Our graduates demonstrate professionalism by upholding ethical standards, displaying integrity, and maintaining a commitment to excellence. They possess the ability to adapt to changing environments and embrace new technologies and innovations in healthcare. Additionally, our graduates understand the importance of working collaboratively with professionals from different disciplines, fostering interprofessionalism and promoting effective teamwork.

Global awareness is a key trait of our graduates, as they recognize the interconnectedness of healthcare systems on a global scale. They possess a deep understanding of the cultural, social, and political factors that influence healthcare outcomes, allowing them to provide culturally sensitive care and adapt to diverse patient populations.

Our graduates have a strong foundation in clinical application, with the ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world patient scenarios. They possess a deep understanding of evidence-based practice and are skilled in leveraging the latest research to optimize patient outcomes.

Diversity and cultural sensitivity are fundamental characteristics of our graduates. They actively promote inclusivity and respect for individuals from all backgrounds, ensuring equitable and patient-centered care. Our graduates are dedicated to providing compassionate service to their patients and communities, embodying a service-oriented mindset.

Leadership skills are fostered in our graduates, empowering them to take on managerial roles, lead interprofessional teams, and drive innovation in healthcare. They possess exceptional interpersonal communication skills, enabling effective collaboration with patients, families, and healthcare professionals.

Critical thinking skills are honed throughout the curriculum, equipping our graduates with the ability to analyze complex situations, make informed decisions, and navigate challenging scenarios. Their strong analytical and problem-solving abilities allow them to provide optimal care and contribute to healthcare advancements.

At West Coast University, we are committed to shaping graduates who are well-prepared, empathetic, and capable of meeting the evolving demands of the healthcare industry. Our comprehensive curriculum and emphasis on developing these qualities ensure that our graduates are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in their professional journeys.

Qualities Description
Professionalism Exemplifies ethical standards, integrity, and commitment to excellence
Adaptability Ability to thrive in changing environments and embrace new technologies
Interprofessionalism Works collaboratively with professionals from different disciplines
Global Awareness Recognizes the interconnectedness of healthcare systems on a global scale
Clinical Application Applies theoretical knowledge to real-world patient scenarios
Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity Provides culturally sensitive care and adapts to diverse patient populations
Service-Oriented Dedicated to providing compassionate service to patients and communities
Leadership Skills Capable of leading interprofessional teams and driving innovation in healthcare
Interpersonal Communication Skills Effective collaboration with patients, families, and healthcare professionals
Critical Thinking Skills Analyzes complex situations, makes informed decisions, and navigates challenges

Student Services at West Coast University

West Coast University is committed to providing comprehensive support services to ensure the success of its students. From academic assistance to disability services, the university offers a range of resources to meet the diverse needs of its student body.

Academic Support

At West Coast University, we understand that academic success is vital for students to achieve their goals. That’s why we offer various academic support programs to help students excel in their studies.

Our tutoring services provide one-on-one and group sessions to assist students in areas such as math, writing, and science. Our experienced tutors are knowledgeable in their respective fields and are dedicated to helping students grasp challenging concepts and develop strong analytical skills.

In addition, our well-equipped libraries and online resources offer a wealth of academic materials, including textbooks, journals, and research databases. Through our academic support services, students have access to the tools they need to enhance their learning experience.

New Student Orientation

Transitioning to university life can be both exciting and overwhelming for new students. To ensure a smooth adjustment, West Coast University organizes comprehensive orientation programs.

During the new student orientation, incoming students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the campus facilities, academic resources, and support services available to them. They also have the chance to meet fellow students, faculty, and staff, creating connections that foster a sense of belonging within the university community.

Our orientation programs aim to provide new students with the necessary information and support to navigate their academic journey confidently.

Day-to-Day Support

At West Coast University, we recognize that students may face various challenges during their college experience. That’s why we offer day-to-day support services to assist students with their ongoing needs.

Our dedicated staff members are available to address questions, concerns, and issues that students may encounter throughout their academic journey. Whether it’s academic advising, financial assistance, or personal development, our team is committed to providing timely and comprehensive guidance.

We believe that a supportive environment is crucial for students to thrive, and our day-to-day support services aim to ensure that students have the resources and assistance they need to overcome any obstacles they may face.

Activities and Events

Student life extends beyond academics. At West Coast University, we believe in providing a holistic educational experience that includes a vibrant and engaging campus life.

We organize a wide range of activities and events throughout the year, promoting student engagement, personal growth, and community building. These events range from cultural celebrations and community service projects to leadership development workshops and career fairs.

Participating in these activities not only provides students with opportunities for personal and professional growth but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and a supportive network within the university community.

Disability Services

At West Coast University, we are committed to providing equal access to education for all students. Our disability services ensure that students with disabilities receive the necessary accommodations and support to succeed academically.

We work closely with students to understand their unique needs and provide reasonable accommodations tailored to their specific requirements. Our dedicated team assists in coordinating accommodations such as accessible learning materials, assistive technologies, and exam modifications.

West Coast University prioritizes inclusivity and accessibility, empowering students with disabilities to thrive in their academic pursuits.

Student Support Programs Services Offered
Academic Support Tutoring, resources, study groups
New Student Orientation Introduction to campus, resources, and support services
Day-to-Day Support Academic advising, financial assistance, personal development
Activities and Events Cultural celebrations, leadership workshops, career fairs
Disability Services Accommodations, assistive technologies, exam modifications

At West Coast University, our commitment to student success goes beyond the classroom. Through our comprehensive student services, we strive to create a supportive and enriching environment that empowers students to achieve their academic and personal goals.

Academic Policies and Procedures at West Coast University

At West Coast University, we have established specific academic policies and procedures for both undergraduate and graduate programs. These guidelines ensure the integrity and standards of our academic programs while providing students with clear expectations for their academic progress, program transfers, and satisfactory academic performance.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

One of the key components of our academic policies is maintaining satisfactory academic progress. To ensure students stay on track towards program completion, they are required to maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) and make satisfactory progress in their coursework.

Requirement Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs
Minimum GPA 2.0 3.0
Course Completion Complete at least 67% of attempted coursework Complete at least 67% of attempted coursework
Maximum Time Frame Complete the program within 150% of the published program length Complete the program within 150% of the published program length

Students who fail to meet these requirements may be placed on academic probation or face other consequences that impact their eligibility to continue in their program.

Program Transfers

West Coast University understands that students may have changing educational goals or career aspirations. Therefore, we provide guidelines for program transfers, allowing students to explore different options within our range of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Students interested in transferring to a different program should consult with their academic advisor to understand the requirements and procedures for transferring. Transfers are subject to the availability of seats and meeting program-specific criteria.

Additional Degrees

For students who wish to pursue additional degrees at West Coast University, we offer guidelines and support. Whether it’s obtaining a second bachelor’s degree, pursuing a master’s degree after completing an undergraduate program, or exploring other educational possibilities, our academic policies outline the process for pursuing additional degrees.

Our academic policies and procedures serve as a foundation for maintaining the highest standards of academic achievement and student success at West Coast University. By adhering to these guidelines, students can stay on track towards their educational and professional goals.

Achieving Academic Success at West Coast University

West Coast University Campus

Achieving academic success at West Coast University involves leveraging the institution’s comprehensive academic support and resources. The university understands the importance of providing students with the tools they need to excel in their studies and prepare for their future careers.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” – William Butler Yeats

Academic Support

The academic support services at West Coast University are designed to ensure that students receive guidance and assistance throughout their educational journey. From the moment students enroll, they have access to a wide range of resources and support systems.

  • Tutoring assistance is available for students who need extra help in specific subjects. Trained tutors are ready to provide one-on-one guidance and clarification.
  • The university’s library houses a vast collection of research materials, books, and online resources to aid students in their studies.
  • Study groups and peer mentoring programs foster collaboration and allow students to learn from one another.

Career Services

West Coast University understands that academic success is closely linked to professional success. The university’s career services department provides students with the resources they need to plan their careers, find internships, and secure employment after graduation.

  • Resume writing workshops and mock interviews help students develop essential skills for entering the workforce.
  • Career fairs and networking events connect students with potential employers and industry professionals.
  • Job placement assistance is available to support students in their job search.

Studying Tips and Time Management

Effective studying techniques and proper time management are crucial to academic success. West Coast University offers guidance and workshops on these topics, helping students optimize their study habits and make the most of their time.

  • Workshops on time management provide strategies for setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and creating efficient study schedules.
  • Tips for effective note-taking, memorization, and test-taking are shared to enhance students’ study skills.
  • Guidance on maintaining a healthy work-life balance allows students to manage their time effectively and avoid burnout.

Test Preparation

Preparing for exams can be a daunting task, but West Coast University supports students in their test preparation efforts.

Test Preparation Resources Description
Online practice tests Mock exams simulate the testing environment and help students become familiar with the format and content of their exams.
Study guides Comprehensive study guides provide students with an overview of the key concepts and topics that will be covered in their exams.
Test-taking strategies Students learn effective strategies for managing time, handling different types of questions, and reducing test anxiety. These techniques help students feel more confident and perform better on their exams.

Student Engagement

West Coast University believes that active student engagement is essential for success in academics and personal growth. The university offers a variety of programs and activities to encourage students to get involved and make the most of their college experience.

  • Student clubs and organizations provide opportunities for leadership development, networking, and pursuing shared interests.
  • Community service initiatives allow students to give back and make a positive impact in their communities.
  • Cultural events, guest lectures, and workshops enhance students’ understanding of diverse perspectives and foster a sense of inclusivity.

By utilizing the academic support, career services, and resources available at West Coast University, students can maximize their learning potential and achieve academic success. The university’s commitment to student engagement and providing a well-rounded educational experience sets students up for success in both their academic and professional endeavors.

Student Life at West Coast University

West Coast University Student Life

At West Coast University, we understand that student life extends far beyond the confines of the classroom. We believe in fostering a vibrant and supportive community that encourages personal growth, leadership development, and social and professional advancement. Our commitment to providing a well-rounded collegiate experience is evident through our emphasis on extracurricular activities, community involvement, and engagement in student organizations.

Broad Range of Extracurricular Activities

At West Coast University, students have access to a diverse range of extracurricular activities that cater to their varied interests and passions. Whether it’s joining a sports team, participating in performing arts clubs, or engaging in volunteer work, there are countless opportunities for students to explore new interests, showcase their talents, and make meaningful connections with their peers. These activities not only provide a break from academic studies but also help students develop valuable skills such as teamwork, time management, and problem-solving.

Leadership Opportunities

We believe in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow, which is why we offer numerous leadership opportunities for our students. From serving as executive members of student organizations to taking on leadership roles in campus initiatives, our students have the chance to develop their leadership skills, gain valuable experience, and make a positive impact on the university community. These leadership roles provide a platform for personal growth, self-discovery, and the cultivation of essential skills that will benefit students throughout their professional careers.

Community Involvement

At West Coast University, we encourage our students to actively engage with the local community. Through community service programs, volunteering initiatives, and partnerships with local organizations, our students have the opportunity to make a difference and contribute to society. By participating in community involvement activities, students develop a sense of civic responsibility, empathy, and cultural understanding, enhancing their education beyond the classroom.

Student Organizations

We understand the importance of creating a sense of belonging and community on campus. That is why we offer a wide range of student organizations catering to diverse interests and passions. From academic and professional clubs to cultural and social groups, these organizations provide a platform for students to connect with like-minded individuals, build networks, and engage in activities that align with their personal and professional goals. Through participation in student organizations, students expand their horizons, develop new skills, and cultivate lifelong friendships.

Social and Professional Development

At West Coast University, we are committed to preparing our students for success in both their personal and professional lives. To achieve this, we offer various programs and events focused on social and professional development. These include workshops, career fairs, guest speaker series, and networking events that provide students with valuable insights, industry connections, and the opportunity to refine their professional skills. Additionally, our university fosters a supportive environment that encourages mentorship, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas among students and faculty.

Benefits of Student Life at West Coast University
1. Personal growth and self-discovery
2. Leadership development opportunities
3. Networking and career advancement possibilities
4. Enhanced skill development in teamwork, time management, and problem-solving
5. Cultural understanding and diversity appreciation
6. Opportunities for community involvement and making a difference
7. Lifelong friendships and lasting connections


West Coast University is committed to empowering students in their pursuit of academic achievement and success in the field of healthcare education. By providing a supportive college experience and a range of programs and resources, the university fosters personal growth and prepares students for fulfilling careers in the healthcare industry.

Throughout their journey at West Coast University, students are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in their chosen healthcare professions. The university’s focus on academic achievement ensures that students receive a rigorous education that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Moreover, West Coast University recognizes the importance of personal growth and the college experience. By offering extracurricular activities, leadership opportunities, and a vibrant student life, the university creates a supportive and enriching environment for students to develop both professionally and personally.

With its commitment to academic achievement, healthcare education, student success, and personal growth, West Coast University is a leading institution that prepares students to make a positive impact in the healthcare field and achieve their academic and professional goals.

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Q: What is West Coast University (WCU)?

A: West Coast University (WCU) is a highly rated for-profit university located in Ontario and offering a variety of programs including nursing, healthcare, and business.

Q: How can I apply for admission to West Coast University?

A: To apply for admission to WCU, you can visit the university’s website and fill out the online application form. You will also need to submit your transcripts and any other required documents.

Q: Does West Coast University offer scholarships?

A: Yes, WCU offers scholarships to eligible students. You can find more information about the available scholarships and how to apply for them on the university’s website.

Q: What majors are offered at West Coast University?

A: WCU offers a wide range of majors including nursing, healthcare administration, dental hygiene, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and business administration.

Q: How can I find student loans for attending West Coast University?

A: If you are looking for student loans to attend WCU, you can explore various financial aid options including federal student loans, private loans, and scholarships to fund your education.

Q: Is West Coast University accredited?

A: Yes, West Coast University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) for its nursing programs.

Q: What are the campus locations of West Coast University?

A: The main campus of WCU is located in Ontario, and the university also has a campus located in North Hollywood and online programs for distance education.

Q: What is the acceptance rate at West Coast University?

A: The acceptance rate at West Coast University varies depending on the program and other factors. You can contact the admissions office for specific acceptance rate information for your program of interest.

Q: Can I apply for financial aid at West Coast University?

A: Yes, eligible students can apply for financial aid at WCU, including federal grants, work-study programs, and student loans. You can contact the financial aid office for more details on how to apply.

Q: What are the rankings of West Coast University?

A: West Coast University’s nursing program is highly rated, and the university has been recognized for its excellence in nursing education and healthcare programs. Please refer to the latest rankings from reputable sources for detailed information.

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